Capo Sant'Andrea

a tiny island within an island

the Island of Elba, with sea all around that truly awakens your senses

the rocks

Cote Piane

the gulf


Capo Sant'Andrea

Lying on the western coast of Elba you will find Hotels, B&B and holiday homes that are part of a non profit organization created with the aim of protecting and enhancing the environment. Our main aim is to safeguard this natural heritage in all its splendour and provide every type of facility, and at the same time offer our guests a truly relaxing holiday that blends in with nature.


The town itself, the peace and quiet, the simplicity…

Capo Sant’Andrea is an old, fishing town surrounded by rocks and cliffs that over the years the wind has made smooth, small cultivated terracings, orchards and gardens…..The peace and quiet that is so typical of tiny villages and peaceful bays where time seems to have stopped. A place where everything has been studied in great detail so that you will immediately feel at home and where you will once again find the scents and flavours of the past.

the Sea

sun, beaches, rocks…

Tiny beaches sheltered by cliffs that over the years the wind has sculptured into the strangest of shapes… The multi coloured waters protected by the tiny coves grant you peace of mind. Just put on your mask and dive in to discover a world you have only dreamt of… the seabed at the foot of massive granite cliffs is rich in flora and fauna.

the environment

nature, sports, relaxation…

A protected area in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park…A network of paths overlooking the sea where if you look out to the horizon you can see the Islands of Capraia and Corsica in the distance. Routes carved out in the past by farmers over granite cliffs and through chestnut woods, surrounded by heather and Helichrysum. Today they all bring peace and quiet, outdoor sports and well being to mind.

Welcome to Sant'Andrea

There is a place that is not very far away where your soul finds peace of mind, where a multitude of colours almost blinds you, where scents are in the air all around you and where the scenery is unique….a tiny island within an island…