Fish is the protagonist on our tables. It is served in a variety of ways and you will enjoy all the different fish found locally in the sea.

You will relish our deep sea and rock fish which we always endeavour to serve in characteristic local style. We also propose a variety of interesting flavours … with aromatic herbs to enhance our dishes; we also have a an abundance of fruit and in the Autumn, chestnuts and delicious cakes and desserts made with chestnut flour – from chestnut fritters to the local “necci”.

Autumn is also the time for a wide variety of excellent mushrooms on the island, including cep and Caesar’s mushrooms.

And cake lovers will be in their element when they try the local “schiaccia briaca”, an original sweet focaccia filled with pine-seeds and currants flavoured with Aleatico wine. Our excellent wines, full of personality, are characteristic of the area and include dry white, red and rosé table wines. The most popular vines used to make them are Sangiovese for red wines, and Trebbiano, Procanico, Vermentino and Ansonica for white wines. Aleatico is the most typical and original of Elba’s wines.

It is made from red Aleatico raisins which give off an delicious perfume of fresh red berries, which combines well with the miniature pastries and other patisserie typical of the Island. And not forgetting Elba’s Muscat and Ansonica wines and excellent extra virgin olive oil produced from the same olives grown in the Tuscan hinterland.