So now we have arrived, we’ve safely disembarked and left behind the colours and scents of the bustling harbour and the frenzied activity of holiday-makers.

We made our way to the centre of the island along the roads that from Procchio overlook the colourful houses of Marciana Marina and climb up through the vast woodlands of Marciana Alta perched on a craggy mountainside. In the distance we were thrilled to see the outline of Capraia Island and even caught sight of Bastia enshrouded in a light haze… and then nothing but silence.

The ingrained stillness of small villages and peaceful coves where time seems to stand still. We cast our gaze on this fishing village, with its weather-beaten rocks and cultivated terracing… and at last we arrive at destination.

Our district


In the municipality of Marciana, a mediaeval hillside village rising 375 m. above sea level, there is a small area (almost all of which within the National Park of theTuscan Islands) inside which stand the little villages of Sant’Andrea, Zanca, Patresi, Colle and other localities including Maciarello, La Conca, Cotoncello and Campo lo Feno. Each little village naturally has its own special characteristics (Sant’Andrea for example overlooks the sea, others are in the hills), but all have various features in common.

The landscapes and scenarios are similar: the Mediterranean maquis with its forests of ilex trees and heather, granite masses scattered here and there, terracing on the slopes of the hills, and the dominating presence of the sea in the scents and colours.

Guests will enjoy the many activities and services available to tourists in this peaceful and natural environment. Besides hotels, apartments, restaurants, pizza houses, bars, grocer’s shops, a bank, and little shops and stores that sell practically everything, you can hire windsurfs, canoes, boats and rubber dinghies for unforgettable excursions along the coast; in addition, a diving centre and local handicrafts are also available and of course you can hire umbrellas and sun-loungers on the beach… in short, there is everything to make your stay in the area an unforgettable event.