We are enthralled by the breathtaking view of the cliffs, which are entirely practicable and appear to embrace and protect the little cove. Attracted by a little wooden bridge, we begin to enjoy the silence and perfume of this charming little bay. Something tells us that beyond the point overlooking the sea the granite stretches out in unforgettable softly undulating forms: the Cote Piane, smooth rocks that become tinged with orange at sunset.

Turning back, we decide to continue our walk along the beach, we make our way into the sinuous recesses and climb up and down the rocks, listening to the sound of the waves as they lap against the crevices in the rocks. The saltiness gets into our bones, makes its way into our hair… the path is sometimes precarious but still continues until, quite unexpectedly, the splendid stretch of golden sand, known as Cotoncello Point, opens up before our eyes.

Here the gently rippling sea briefly embraces the little beach, depositing shells, little pieces of wood, crab-shells, tiny pebbles… We stand amidst the rocks, incredulous spectators of one of Nature’s most exciting spectacles.

The sea

A swim in the sea with diving goggles introduces us to a new “universe” that awaits discovery. We find ourselves surrounded by gigantic masses of granite and deep crevices formed by ancient flows of lava.

We plunge into the sea as though crossing the magical, liquid threshold of a mirror, beyond which we are amazed to discover a scenario that has been transformed only on the surface, for granite invariably still reigns supreme.

There, underwater, an expanse of floating sea fans and algae, all kinds of fish and a starfish on the seabed… while a moray eel peeps shyly out from a crack in the rock.

It only remains for us to wait for the waves to take us on a journey to discover by-gone stories and legends and ancestral memories.