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Here we are, at the top of the mountain, gazing at the different shades of blue as the sky merges with the sea. We try to focus the outlines of the horizon that stretches from Corsica to the Islands of Capraia and Gorgona, arriving at the bastions of the Apuan Alps, and the Apennines beyond.

We begin by taking the trail that skirts the steeply sloping cove hidden among typical Mediterranean undergrowth, make our way through centuries-old chestnut woods and finally reach a plateau scattered with masses of outcropped granite in an expanse of yellow gorse, interspersed here and there with mauve rock roses.

The whole scene takes our breath away … but even more awaits us …
Silence …. not the absolute, all-engaging silence whose cumbersome presence is almost deafening, but rather the kind of silence that we perceive when we find ourselves immersed in and surrounded by nature…

We listen to the tiny lizards as they zigzag swiftly in and out of the grass, the songs of the birds in the thick scrub, the rustling of the leaves, our own breath.

It is the silence of our weariness, finally carried away on the wings of the sea breeze, the silence of the troubles we have left behind, who knows where …